Air La Plagne parapente
Air La Plagne parapente

Air La Plagne or the whole world of tandem paragliding

Our tandem flights

Intro Flight

The magic of your first steps in the air (vertical drop 500m).


Price : 70€

Sensation Flight

Pleasure, discoveries and feelings (vertical drop 1000m).


Price : 100€

Prestige Flight

Travel in the sky with updrafts.


Price : 130€

Suprême Flight

A flight to climb high and go away with updrafts.


Price : 200€

Our options for your flight

How to customize your jump in a two-seater paraglider

Photos - vidéos

Share this intense moment with your loved ones.


Price : 20€


Experience the adventure by becoming an actor of your flight.


Price : 5€


Discover the sensation of centrifugal force, gravity and carving in 3 dimensions.


Price : 20€

For an extraordinary discovery, from the sky, of the ski area of ​​La Plagne located in Savoie in the valley of the Tarentaise.


La Plagne is the only resort allowing you to contemplate the south face of Mont Blanc, the very famous and characteristic Pierra Menta as well as the National Park of Vanoise. So in tandem paragliding from the top of La Grande Rochette you will have an exceptional panorama.


You will be supervised by a team of professionals of high level of flight in tandem paragliding. Graduates, titles and experienced will be happy to share their experience.



Some essential information :


- Weight over 90 kg contact us before booking.


- Period of activity: from Middle of December to the end of April.


- In paragliding, we do not jump off ! We take off like a plane.


- The vertigo, in tandem parapente does not exist since there is no more contact with the ground.


- The paragliding takeoff is not a steep cliff, but simply a very soft snowy slope.


- Take-off and landing are carried out by slipping or running for a few meters.

The decision to leave, by skiing or running, belongs to the instructors according to the current climatic conditions, the ski level of the passenger and the physical characteristics.


- In the air, you will be comfortably seated in your harness and you will have the pleasure of discovering the earth seen from the sky. Sensations and emotions guaranteed !


- In case of use of the funiplagne of Plagne Center, the price of the ascent, to be taken to the boxes of the ski lifts, is at customer charge.


- Insurance is included in the flight.


- A simple call the day before the appointment, after 5 pm, confirms the possibility of making your jump in paragliding according to the weather forecast. When the weather is not good, we postpone your appointment.


- No news from you when you arrive in La Plagne, the reservation of your jump in paragliding can not be guaranteed.


Air La Plagne Paragliding thanks you for your confidence.