Air La Plagne parapente
Air La Plagne parapente

Air La Plagne immortalizes your paragliding jump

The "big" moments are "great" only if they are shared !

With the report photos / videos, from your first paragliding tandem in La Plagne, you will be able to share your unique experience with your family and your friend (s).


Even a few years after your memories will remain intact !


The report contains about 30 to 100 photos and one or more videos. The number varies depending on the type of paragliding tandem you have chosen. The longer the flight, the greater the number of photos and videos.


The pictures are in High Definition quality and delivered on SD card 4 gigas.

If you want, you can come with your own SD card provided that it is at least 2 gigas and formatted.


Prices report photo and video tandem paragliding flight :
- 20 € (without sd card) or 25 € (sd card included)


The other options :


- aerobatic


Air La Plagne Paragliding thanks you for your confidence.